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Hall of Fame Records

Game Name Player Name Hall of Fame Score Date Scored Time Spent
2D Memory 2D Memory sperling 1042 December 31, 2021 2m 14s
2DPlay Tetris 2DPlay Tetris V0RT3X 19 October 1, 2021 1m 50s
3 Peeks Solitaire 3 Peeks Solitaire Weckio 13173 January 16 1m 33s
Agnes 2 Agnes 2 Weckio 620 January 20 5m 39s
Air Attack 2 Air Attack 2 badekapp 110 15 hours ago 4m 21s
Air Attack One Air Attack One badekapp 85 September 11 4m 32s
Among Us Crash Saga Among Us Crash Saga badekapp 16630 September 19 11m 38s
Angry Birds Tetris Angry Birds Tetris V0RT3X 4062 October 1, 2021 4m 27s
Aqua Blocks Aqua Blocks badekapp 2950 September 10 1m 40s
Asteroids Asteroids edith 310 August 19 50s
Attack of the Tweety Zombies Attack of the Tweety Zombies sperling 3125 December 29, 2021 3m 17s
Beat The Gooner! Beat The Gooner! badekapp 2400 September 23 54s
Beer Golf Beer Golf fischer 144 November 5, 2021 40s
Bejeweled Bejeweled sperling 2810 July 10 5m 35s
Bejeweled Bejeweled Weckio 7869 June 19 8m 49s
Bejeweled Bejeweled Schnulzengurki 137400 February 12 5m 11s
Bejeweled Blitz Bejeweled Blitz Schnulzengurki 31700 February 12 1m 29s
Bejeweled Dragon Ball Bejeweled Dragon Ball badekapp 2311 September 11 5m 6s
Bejeweled Mickey Mouse Bejeweled Mickey Mouse badekapp 1811 September 18 5m 6s
Bejeweled Ninja Turtles Bejeweled Ninja Turtles badekapp 761 September 11 5m 9s
Bejeweled Phineas & Ferb Bejeweled Phineas & Ferb Schnulzengurki 4462 February 12 5m 7s
Blocks Sliding Tetriz Blocks Sliding Tetriz Pegasus 1060 November 5, 2021 6m 16s
Brasil Slingo Brasil Slingo edith 11250 August 18 6m 11s
Breakout Breakout edith 1080 August 19 1m 54s
Bubble Shooter Africa Bubble Shooter Africa badekapp 123100 Sunday at 10:40 AM 24m 53s
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