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High Scores For 3 Peeks Solitaire

Current Session Leader


High Score: 13173
Time Spent: 1m 33s
Current Session High Score Set

3 Peeks Solitaire

3 Peeks Solitaire

Play some tri peaks solitaire. It's fast paced and fun!
Hall of Fame Champion


HOF Score: 13173
Time Spent: 1m 33s
Current HOF Score Set

Player Name Comment Score Date Scored Time Spent
edith 10896 August 14 1m 55s
Weckio 13173 January 16 1m 33s
badekapp 7702 September 5 1m 31s

Historical Data For Guest

You have not played this game yet or there is no historical data available.

Historical Data For Entire Arcade

First Played Last Played: Total Time Played: Average Time Spent Life Time Score Times Played: Average Score
01/16/22 12:09 PM 09/30/22 11:47 AM 2h 4m 18s 1m 53s 96955 66 1469
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